The risk-based decision framework all CEOs should consider

Claire Bibby, COO of Immediation’s dispute resolution platform. Regardless of industry, the process of making decisions…

Sunk cost fallacy and the legal system

Laura Keily, Founder of Immediation It is not uncommon for parties to settle a litigious matter…

The Australian Legal Review

An article by Katherine Towers in The Australian’s Legal Review focusing on Immediation, described as “A world-first Australian platform offers a quick, cost-effective alternative to biffing it out in the courts”.


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Congratulations to Her Honour Judge Brimer and welcome to The Hon. Tony Fitzgerald AC QC

Immediation was honoured to include Elizabeth Brimer SC on the Panel for the briefest of periods.…

Former judges turn web mediators to resolve commercial disputes

Chris Merritt, legal affairs editor at The Australian wrote today (18 April 2019) that Immediation's Australian…

Immediation appoints Expert Panel

Immediation appoints Expert Panel to resolve disputes on its online dispute resolution platform.

Five former senior judges, including the former Chief Justices of Victoria and Western Australia, are among the legal elite who have come together to help resolve commercial disputes in an online environment. The disruptive platform, Immediation, is the first of its kind globally. The Immediation platform enables businesses and consumers to directly access mediation, arbitration and expert determination online as an alternative to traditional pathways, such as going to court.


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Immediation is awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

Immediation is pleased to be a recipient of funding in the latest round of Liberal National Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation grants.

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The cost of a day in court is more emotionally, and financially draining than you might think

Article written by court reporter Jamelle Wells, ABC News – 20 December 2018.

An overview of Immediation

This video provides an overview of Immediation.

Chris Merritt, The Australian interviews Laura Keily, Immediation

Chris Merritt, legal affairs editor at The Australian recently interviewed Immediation's founder and Managing Director, Laura…