Expert Panel – Archive 2

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Immediation’s Panel of Experts

Immediation will utilise the depth of expertise within the Australian legal profession to assist in the resolution of appropriate disputes. Immediation is currently appointing a panel of expert barristers, solicitors, mediators and arbitrators, recognising the importance of the profession in upholding the rule of law.

The required experts are mediators and arbitrators but also subject matter experts in aspects of commercial and civil law.

We are establishing a Panel of ‘best in class’ lawyers and dispute resolution professionals. It is not a registration, but rather the process is competitive. We will be selecting Panel members based on criteria set out in the application. It has been designed so that the more highly credentialed is the Panel member, the less verification information needs to be provided. For example, retired judges do not need to include detailed information substantiating their experience, whereas senior associates may need to do so.

Round 1 has recently closed. Please join our mailing list to be notified when Round 2 opens.

Panel categories

The categories we are focusing on, include:

  1. Mediation
  2. Arbitration
  3. Banking and finance
  4. Common law and professional regulation
  5. Corporate and commercial
  6. Employment, industrial relations and discrimination
  7. Government and administrative law
  8. Intellectual property, information technology and media
  9. Property, construction, environment, oil, gas and mining
  10. Wills, estates and charities.

A number of benefits present themselves to Immediation’s independent experts, including:

  • increased market exposure via a highly credible and innovative platform
  • marketing managed for you, with work brought to you by Immediation – we do all the hard work for you
  • opportunities to work on challenging legal issues, without the more mundane paper work that surrounds the key issues
  • another income source with fixed fees
  • generous fees for Panel members
  • ease of administration, with invoicing generated by the Immediation platform
  • diversification of your services
  • the opportunity to accept or decline each brief, depending on capacity and the brief fee
  • flexibility as to when and where the work is completed
  • possibilities of working on inter-state or international work from the convenience of your home location
  • Immediation is independent, so you can work with us even if you work for a law firm.

Immediation offers lawyers and dispute resolution professionals the chance to be in charge of their own practice. On the flip side, law firms can allow their practitioners to grow their revenue base by being part of Immediation.

Commentators note that lawyers today are experiencing a consumer and technology-driven transformation of their industry, a metamorphosis that has already occurred in medicine and other knowledge-based professional industries. Many lawyers will in future be working from different delivery models than they do now. Immediation is ideally placed to respond to this market change.