How to reach a divorce agreement without going to court

Going to court to reach a divorce agreement is not only costly and time consuming, but it also raises the potential to burn bridges and sours the relationship of all parties involved – including the children. 


Resolving your divorce agreement through alternative dispute resolution also means that you will know exactly what the outcome of the divorce will be – and what you and your ex-spouse will be getting. Going to court to settle a divorce guarantees uncertainty, as the power to decide what happens with your assets and relationships are in the hands of a judicial officer. Further, the lengthy process of court proceedings will not only elevate the stress about the situation, but also add to the pressure you and your family are going through. 


When going through a divorce that involves children, divorce mediation is usually mandatory anyway.


Why mediation is ideal for reaching a divorce agreement without going to court


The nature of mediation is facilitative and cooperative, which means that all parties involved work together to create a solution that is amicable to all parties.


By working together to find a settlement that works, parties to a divorce hold greater control over the decisions they make and the outcome of the divorce. It also steps away from the limelight of court, as mediation is kept private between the parties involved, until a divorce order is sought for.


Mediators are trained professionals who assist parties to resolve their differences. Sessions are usually informal, and the mediator is there to help facilitate a friendly environment enabling parties to cooperate better when working out the terms of divorce.


As the divorce mediation environment is nurturing to find a solution that works for everyone, the time to reach a resolution is a lot quicker than going through the technicalities involved in the court system. 


Technology has allowed mediation to improve its resolution time to as quick as 30 days, thanks to the introduction of online mediation. This means that from the time you commence the mediation process, you can be ready with a settlement within 30 days, should the mediation process go smoothly. This kind of timeframe is unheard of in a court setting and is not an easy feat to accomplish in a traditional mediation setting.


Online mediation takes away the need to arrange for transport or logistics, and offers the advantage of flexibility to work around busy schedules and set up mediation sessions after business hours – which is a benefit not many traditional mediation faculties can accommodate.


With online mediation, the quality of mediators you have access to is not compromised. In fact, Immediation has an expert panel of mediators that are Nationally Accredited Mediators with many reaching high success in their fields.


Costs are also heavily reduced with online mediation as a result of not needing a physical establishment to host mediation sessions, which in turn puts savings into your pocket.


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