How to resolve employee disputes using online services

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There aren’t many controversies that damage a business more than an employee dispute. A single employment dispute has the potential to result in substantial business asset loss arising from legal fees and other damages as may be awarded by the judge. If the employee is in a high position in your company, say an executive or director, the existence of conflict can be devastating to your business.

Cost effectiveness of using online mediation

To avoid the high expenses associated with litigation, turning to online alternative dispute resolution is a more cost effective way to resolve employee disputes.

Moving away from the traditional form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), online ADR provides a cost-effective solution of resolving conflict by taking away the physical elements of the real world. With online platforms, there isn’t a need to account for overheads such as logistics, cost of transport and work schedule conflicts. As there are lesser expenses associated with making the mediation happen, the savings will also be passed onto the parties in conflict.

With costs saved by up to 98% via alternative dispute resolution as opposed to conventional litigation, businesses do not have to succumb to the financial pressures associated with an employee dispute.

Why mediation is ideal for employee disputes

Beyond the monetary attraction of online mediation, there are several benefits to having an employee dispute resolved by way of mediation.


First and foremost, the nature of an employment contract is a very private matter especially in the perspective of the business. With sensitive information such as remuneration contained within, businesses are typically opposed to revealing their employee contracts to the general public. In cases brought to courts, many of these documents may become widely available to the general public which poses a challenge for businesses.

Further, the complexities in the conflict may relate to private, sensitive business information and data which is detrimental to the success of the operations.

Eliminate disruption and distraction

With so much at stake, employee disputes often warrant a strategy that eliminates possible distractions and disruptions to the business.

Online mediation offers the flexibility to arrange meetings and discussions based on work schedules and availability. This can include hours that are outside of ordinary business hours – which is a significant advantage for businesses who operate on a schedule.

Cooperative approach

As opposed to the confrontational and aggressive nature of litigation, mediation allows parties to work together through cooperation in aim to resolve a dispute as amicably and agreeably as possible.

When a settlement is reached in mediation, it is often one where all parties involved walk away feeling satisfied with the result. This helps all parties maintain a positive relationship with the potential for the employee to continue employment in the business despite the employee dispute.

Quicker resolution duration

At Immediation, the general turnaround time for cases is 30 days upon registering onto the online dispute resolution platform.

This quick turnaround is unheard of in traditional forms of dispute resolution and even in conventional alternative dispute resolution. With a quick resolution of the issue, a business does not have to be tied down for too long to the emotional and psychological burdens associated with an employee dispute.


Given the apparent advantages of resolving an employee dispute using online mediation over traditional methods, it is wise for businesses to consider this path before engaging in litigation. To find out more about how Immediation can help your business settle an employee dispute, get in touch with one of our online alternative dispute resolution experts now.