Is Mediation Right For Your Sports Team?

Disclaimer: “This article has been produced by an independent contributor and does not reflect the views and opinions of the SRCMS team or the brand as a whole.”

Mediation is the process of resolving disputes out of court, in a controlled setting, with a secondary, non-bias person helping facilitate the process. 

Mediation can be used in almost every scenario, from family matters to business disputes. It is a broad and versatile process that is a popular alternative to court cases, litigation, and other dispute resolution methods.

In addition, it is becoming easier than ever to access mediation online, which makes it simpler and more accessible than ever.

However, many people do not initially realize the benefits of mediation when it comes to sports- be it professional or recreational sporting teams.

In this article, we’ll review the top reasons to consider mediation for your team disputes, and how it can help you foster growth and sportsmanship within your team.


The Benefits Of Mediation For Sports Teams

There are several benefits of mediation in the sporting world. 

  • Mediation is a practical solution that does not take too much time
  • It is more cost effective than drawn-out court cases or arbitration
  • The emphasis of mediation is resolution, which is fair and equitable to both parties, which builds an improved sense of teamwork
  • The process is collaborative, and not based in judgement
  • The process is fair and non-biased, as every mediator remains neutral and focused on achieving the best solution for everyone involved
  • Mediation can be done online, making it easy and accessible for almost everyone involved, regardless of their location
  • It is considered a lot less stressful than going to court, or bringing in a legal team, especially when considering the nature of sports disputes


Plus, when it comes to mediation, there is always equal opportunity for all parties to express themselves, and talk about the issue at hand, which is exceptionally empowering to everyone involved. While encouraging genuine discussion, and problem solving, it’s a great way to ensure your team comes out of the dispute stronger, instead of damaged and resentful.

In addition, there is a big focus on confidentiality within the mediation space, so your teams’ issues and conflicts will never be made public (unlike with court cases or other large legal disputes).

If you are focused on keeping your team together, fostering long-term collaboration, and encouraging quick, positive, and practical resolution, then mediation might be the best option currently available for you and for your team.

Interested in learning more about the sports mediation process?

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