Is Remote Mediation the New Normal?

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The recent transition to remote mediation left many people sceptical. With traditional, in-person mediation being a time-tested option, the shift towards online mediation was jarring for many people and institutions.

Fortunately, online mediation is just as effective as in-person mediation- it even has some additional benefits. Most clients and lawyers have had resounding success with remote mediation!

The fact that mediation is so effective means is not only positive during challenging times (such as the pandemic) but allows for future cases to be settled effectively online. This reduced cost and increased flexibility is a big factor in the rising popularity of remote mediation.


Tips for Effective Remote Mediation:

  • Ensure you use a video-conferencing program that has breakout rooms (such as Zoom). The ability to speak privately within the mediation process is often critical to its success.
  • Use a program with a screen-sharing facility for paperwork such as settlement agreements
  • Prepare an e-signature facility in case a client does not have access to a printer or scanner at home
  • Confirm that everyone can access the software ahead of time
  • Make sure settlement agreement variations are drafted ahead of time


Advantages of Remote Mediation


There are several advantages to remote mediation. Even when face-to-face mediation becomes a viable option again, it is still best to consider remote mediation as an equally viable option (depending on the circumstances).



Remote mediation is especially effective when the parties and their lawyers are in different states, or countries. This allows for an efficient mediation process, without the extra costs associated with travel.


Age and Illness

If one party is sick, or elderly, then travelling to a mediation venue might not be the best option. With remote mediation, the process is accessible to more people.


Less Stressful

Many people find that spending long periods of time in a mediation environment can be stressful and exhausting. This is especially true for people who are more introverted. The flexibility to resolve a dispute online is a lot easier for many different people.


Greater Comfort and Efficiency

Home is often a comfort to people, and the ability to attend a dispute resolution session from a comfortable space cannot be overstated. This gives parties the ability to get support from their partners, or families, and limits worries about child-care and other issues.

For business owners, the ability to be in their office, with documentation on hand, can help streamline the process.



Travel costs are greatly reduced through online mediation. It also saves time and makes the entire process more stream-lined and easier to manage. This is especially true for busy business owners.


The future of mediation is looking brighter than ever with the aid of technology. These timesaving and cost-reducing measures have made it possible to settle large disputes quickly and effectively within a business.

With the delay of court-hearing due to the pandemic, it’s no wonder that mediation has become such an efficient way to manage disputes and resolve them quickly. 

The team of legal and technical experts at Immediation are here to help guide you through the process and reach the best possible outcome. You can do it 100% online or opt to use a managed service where the Immediation personnel do everything for you, from start to finish.

Mediation is a good first-step in the dispute resolution process. It’s Immediation’s goal to help you sustain your business relationships, while resolving the matter quickly and professionally.

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