Mediation For Suppliers

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If you are a supplier, you may be wondering what mediation is and how it can help your business. Mediation is a process that helps parties resolve disputes without going to court. It is an informal and confidential process in which a trained mediator helps the parties communicate and find a solution that is mutually agreeable. 

The mediator does not take sides or make decisions for the parties; instead, the mediator helps the parties to brainstorm solutions and reach an agreement on their own. The mediation process can be used to resolve any type of dispute, including disagreements between suppliers and buyers.

Why Use Mediation?

  • There are many benefits to using mediation to resolve disputes, including: 
  • It is typically faster and less expensive than going to court. 
  • It is confidential. 
  • It allows the parties to maintain control over the outcome. 
  • It can improve communication between the parties. 
  • It can help preserve relationships between the parties. 

How Does Mediation Work? 

The mediation process is typically conducted as follows: 

  • The parties agree to mediate their dispute. 
  • The mediator meets with each party separately to discuss the dispute and identify potential solutions. 
  • The mediator then brings the parties together to discuss the solutions suggested by each party and try to reach an agreement. 
  • If an agreement is reached, the mediator will prepare a written agreement for the parties to sign. 

What if We Can’t Agree? 

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement during mediation, they are free to go to court or pursue other dispute resolution options. However, anything said during mediation cannot be used in court or considered as evidence in any other type of proceeding. This confidentiality gives both sides the freedom to explore possible solutions without fear of reprisal.

Mediation is a fast, confidential, and cost-effective way to resolve disputes between suppliers and buyers. If you have a disagreement with your buyer, consider using mediation as an alternative to going to court. With mediation, both parties have control over the outcome of the dispute and can maintain their relationship.

Are you facing the prospect of mediation yourself?

The team of legal and technical experts at Immediation are here to help guide you through the mediation process and reach the best possible outcome. You can do it 100% online or opt to use a managed service where the Immediation personnel do everything for you, from start to finish.

Mediation is a good first step in the dispute resolution process. It’s Immediation’s goal to help you sustain your business relationships, while resolving the matter quickly and professionally.

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