Post-Mediation Steps For Sports Clubs

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Those in charge of managing and supporting a sports club are likely very familiar with the heightened levels of competitive spirit that can be found in the organization.

Not only is the natural, but it lends itself to inspiring, passionate sports games and players who are dedicated to what they do and achieving results.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to disputes and problems within the club, which can quickly escalate beyond normal conversations and quickly resolved spats.

In this case, Mediation is an incredibly useful tool to help club members resolve any issues and pave the way for improved conversation and cooperation and help reduce residual build-up of resentment or unhappiness (which could later spark a new dispute down the line).

Unfortunately, everyone might not be 100% satisfied with the resolution, and is not uncommon to have additional concerns, thoughts, or feelings about the outcome.

In this case, it is important to help players and members carefully consider the outcome and ensure they are approaching the situation in a more positive way moving forward.

What Can Be Learnt From This?

Is there anything to be learnt from the mediation process? Encourage players to consider what brought them to this point, how the situation was handled, and what could be done better in the future.


Don’t Dispute The Decision

When it comes to formal mediation, the decision reached is a final one. This decision is carefully considered, taking both parties into account. While it might be frustrating for players, its important you encourage an emphasis on fairness and compromise during this time.


Give It Time

Reacting immediately is likely what caused the initial problem in the first place, so encouraging your players and members to step back and avoid acting impulsively is a good way to avoid further conflict in your club. Helping members and players move forward with a clear head and careful consideration will help in the long run (no matter how tough it might be in the heat of the moment). In fact, it can be useful to trial an alternative roster for a week, to give players a brief time apart to cool off prior to reconciliation.


Interested in learning more about the sports mediation process?

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