Using Online Mediation to Solve Neighbour Disputes

Neighbour disputes comprise of some of the most blistering battles in the courts. As observed by an advocate during a neighbourhood dispute in the case of Hatfield v McCoy, “at least in do divorce, one of the parties moves out of the house.” In contrast, your neighbour most likely isn’t going anywhere long after your dispute. 

Similar to a divorce, neighbour disputes are emotionally tiring, expensive, and require a great level of patience (and compromise) for resolution.

When dealing with a neighbour dispute, the best approach is to engage an expert to help generate practical solutions to ease the tension. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, whether it’s as trivial as parking issues, property encroachments, view obstructions, barking dogs, falling leaves, and so on. The right expert can help you find a solution and avoid years and years of problems with your neighbour.

Some online mediation platforms such as Immediation have expert mediators who are specialised in specific areas, including neighbour disputes. An expert mediator can help parties work together to find an acceptable, practical, and reasonable solution for everyone.

What is mediation?

The mediation process helps conflicting parties, including neighbours, settle issues without having to go to court. Mediation is a voluntary process which is an added advantage before parties even meet, given the clear intended agreement to resolve the dispute as amicably as possible. Impartial third party mediators help guide parties throughout a structured process with the aim to focus on resolution over conflict.

The goal of mediation is to find acceptable solutions to the problems with the result of ending the dispute. Due to the nature of mediation, it encourages people to discuss their concerns and to work with opposing parties to find an acceptable solution for everyone. 


Why online mediation works for neighbour disputes 

Given that the mediation process facilitates parties work together by focusing on understanding the other party’s point of view and compromise, parties in a dispute are able to find workable solutions that they can settle with. 

Mediation is a voluntary process that is not as confrontational as going to court to resolve a neighbour issue. And given that you will most likely be seeing your neighbour around for years to come, you definitely won’t want to increase the tension between the both of you. 

Online mediation makes the mediation process a lot more convenient and cost-effective than the traditional way. With costs cut by as much as 98%, access to legal solutions for neighbour disputes has never been easier.

Making use of online mediation provides you the advantages of time, geographical freedom, work management, ease of accessibility, among many other legal benefits such as freedom from inference, limited confrontation, and so on.


Should you use online mediation for your neighbour dispute?

With online mediation, outcomes can be as quick as 30 days (as backed by Immediation’s standard turnaround time). This is much quicker than traditional mediation and significantly more time efficient than going to court.

As the online mediation process happens in real time, mediators can assist with drafting settlement proposals and having templates readily available at an instance. This ease of access to invaluable resources give online mediation the time benefit that traditional mediation does not have.

And given that costs can be cut by as much as 98%, among many other benefits, parties involved in neighbour disputes should consider using online mediation as a means to resolve their issues.